Monday, 7 January 2013

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2 - What's New for Developers in Feature area of Partition

What can you do?

The business data in each partition is isolated from the data in all other partitions in the same installation of Microsoft Dynamics AX. Business data that is shared among companies is shared only among companies that are in the same partition.

A holding corporation that has subsidiary companies can reduce deployment and maintenance costs by hosting all the subsidiaries in one installation of Microsoft Dynamics AX. The system administrator for the holding corporation can put each subsidiary in its own partition. In this configuration, the personnel of a given subsidiary company cannot access the data of any other subsidiary.

Each Microsoft Dynamics AX client session starts in a partition. The session cannot later be switched to another partition. Instead the user must start a new session and direct it to start in a different partition, if the user is authorized for another partition. The system prevents even the system administrator from accessing data in any partition other than the current partition of the session.

Nothing additional is required to define or maintain reports in a configuration that has multiple partitions.

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